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FBTC was built on faith from the ground up.  We began in a small village in the southern region of Bicol, with an undeveloped rice field.  From these humble beginnings, we stepped out on faith and began construction on the first building that had to serve as our classrooms, offices, chapel and even housing.

Over the last 25 years, we have persevered through two volcanic eruptions from Mt. Mayon, dozens of tropical storms that damaged the region, and countless attacks against the ministry. 

But our God is good, merciful and faithful to His Word.  Through all this, the Lord has brought forth a beautiful campus with dorms, classrooms, administration and facilities buildings, staff homes and a newly renovated chapel. 

We have graduated over 30 classes from our pastoral leadership program and have 130+ alumni serving in different provinces across the Philippine Islands.  We thank God for how far he has brought this ministry and are excited for what more He has in store for us!

Elizabeth Tijerina

Missionary/Mission Director

​Sister Betty has dedicated her life to spreading God’s Word to the Filipino people, serving in the mission field for 40 years.  Her ministry began with evangelism, planting churches and training new pastors in the capital city of Manila.  Then in the early 1990’s, God gave her a new vision and began the second phase of her ministry - one that would extend the reach and multiply the impact of the seeds the ministry sowed. 



For the last 15+ years, Sister Betty has served faithfully as the Mission Director at FBTC, wearing the many hats needed to support and grow the ministry – Pastora, lecturer, mentor, fundraiser, church planter, project manager and more.  She resides in Bicol where she continues her work leading the FBTC team and spreading the Good News across the Philippine Islands. 

CTEN Affiliation

Commission To Every Nation (CTEN) is our sending mission organization, providing stateside administration and office support for our ministry.  We are so thankful for the wonderful individuals who use their talents to serve behind the scenes.  To learn more about the crucial services they provide to independent missionaries stationed all over the world, please visit them at

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