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Basketball and Bible Study

August 05, 2019

This summer, two of our graduates recently began a Sports Evangelism ministry in the neighboring barrios, setting up basketball games to reach other young men for the Lord.  After each game, they spend time sharing the Gospel, praying with them and just sharing the love of the Lord with them.  We are so happy to see our missionaries continually growing and finding new ways to share the Good News.   

Chapel renovations nearing completion!

June 01, 2018

We are so thankful to report that the painting of the chapel has been completed and we are another step closer to seeing the doors re-open to hold weekly services in this building again.  We have been praying for years for God to provide and enable us to rebuild this building for His ministry.  Click to see a photo album of this journey of faith with us.

Enduring another Mt. Mayon eruption

January 30, 2018

Ealier this month, Mt. Mayon (a volcano located ~5 miles from the FBTC campus) began heavy eruption activities. This prompted the Philippine government to declare a Level 4/5 threat and began forced evacuations of the surrounding areas.  We are happy to report that God has covered the FBTC campus - all activity has remained on the other side of the mountain!  Not only has the ministry been safeguarded, but God has made it so that even the wind is blowing all the ash away from the campus.  We are so thankful for His covering, but ask that you keep the thousands of Filipinos affected by this emergency in prayer.  

Reaching the Little Children for Him

December 05, 2017

One of our FBTC alumni (Marycris) has been working with children and their mothers in the barrios here in the Bicol region.  They provide VBS type programs for children of different age groups during school vacations.  The kids love to sing and worship with us, and it is beautiful to see how God works in even the youngest ones' hearts through music.  Praise God!

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