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Mar. 2023 - It was 30 years ago this week that we broke ground on an empty rice field in the Bicol region of the Philippines.  There was no grass, no plants, no running water or electricity.  There were no funds for construction or list of students ready to enroll. But acting in faith and relying on the prophetic word given to us about for this ministry, we moved forward.

Now, 30 years later, I look outside my apartment window at a beautiful campus covered in plants and gardens, classroom buildings and dorms, and a beautiful chapel sitting in the middle of the campus.  They are more than a collection of buildings and classrooms in a scenic, tropical setting.  This campus stands as a powerful testimony to the goodness and faithfulness of the God we serve.  To God be the glory!


Dec. 2022 - Many times in my updates to you, I focus on the events of our Bible School and our alumni who have begun ministries in different areas of the Philippines.  But what is often overlooked is the ministry we provide to our neighboring villages and churches. In the past, we’ve held youth camps, VBS and other special events to engage the children and youth from surrounding areas. 

This Christmas, we held a party for children in the local area, teaching them the real reason for this season, and to let them know that they are valued and loved.  In this season of Joy, Hope and Giving - let us remember to take every opportunity to be a blessing to this young generation, by sharing God’s Love and the Hope He has brought us all.

20th Anniversary of our Anahawan Church

Apr. 2022 - It truly is a time for rejoicing as we celebrate another milestone with our FBTC alumni – Joel and Rosie Quitoriano.  They were one of our early groups of graduates, beginning their training with us in 1998.  Two years after graduation they married and began their ministry in Anahawan, a small province in the island of Leyte. 

Over the years, they have endured many battles, but they have stayed true to God’s calling on their lives.  Now we are rejoice with them as they celebrate 20 years of ministry with their church body.  Reaching these people, in a small town in a southern island, is why FBTC exists - to share the Gospel with all peoples, no matter how far or remote, and break long held strongholds of the enemy.

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