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Missionary Training

We equip those that God has sent in order for them to fulfill their callings in the work of the Lord.  We provide a two year course in Bible and Christian Leadership, including six months of internship under pastors for field experience and evaluation.  We purposefully customize their intern experience in order to equip them for the leadership roles they are to fulfill.  So when our graduates leave FBTC and return to their province to begin their ministry, they are prepared to lead and take the Word of God, in Power and Life, to those who need to hear it.


Our core mission of spreading the Good News is not just taught in the classroom, but manifests itself in the many local ministries our team leads.  From weekly services on our campus, to children ministries and home churches we’ve begun throughout the surrounding area - the FBTC team works to meet the needs in the local area, while training its students for the nationwide vision of reaching the Filipino people. 


Over the years, FBTC has partnered with a number of different local and international organizations on a variety of different projects.  From targeted outreach programs for children, to disaster relief, to hosting youth retreats and leadership conferences – FBTC’s team and facilities are experienced and willing to partner with groups who are working to share God’s Love and His Word.  Contact us for more information on potential partnerships.

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